is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Bavaria after its capital Munich, and its 511,628 (2016) inhabitants make it the 14th largest city in Germany.

City - 186.46 km2 (71.99 sq mi)

Population (2017) - 515,201

State - Bavaria

Our trip 7 th of July till 10th of July 2019

We usually don’t travel in a high season, but it was a business trip so we didn’t have any other choice. As we thought, the travelling time was several hours longer, as it would be out of a summer season. But finally we have arrived to our Hotel Sorat Saxx, which is located on a corner of a main square. It has a garage, so you can practically discover the city centre by foot.
After meeting with our business partners, we had a dinner in a Spanish restaurant (which was recommended by our local partner, but we wouldn’t recommend it further. Employees in a Spanish restaurants should know some basic words – like thank you, please, beer,…in Spanish and the food should taste like Spain).
Next day was all about work, but in the late afternoon, we walked uphill to the Nürnberg Castle. We’ve had an amazing city view. We took some photos and then we went to a typical German Brewery – on a little Square with great vibe – surrounded with old buildings. Very traditional.

We have tried all the typical dishes: sausages, sauerkraut, dumplings and so on. It was fun.
Some of our group wanted to get the spirit of a night life, but we have returned to our hotel. Next day, after delicious breakfast, we went home.

What we recommend to see or try?

Schöner Brunnen
It is a 19 m high Gothic fountain located on a main market square. It was designed and crafted by an architect Heinrich Beheim between years 1385 and 1396.
You have to make a wish on a right place, otherwise it won’t come true (the legend says).
Nürnberger Bratwurst with a local Beer
The sausage can only be produced in Nürnberg, because they are protected. They produce them since 1567 and they are really small – only 8 centimetres long.
For our taste were perfect as an appetizer – they are smoked, but with a large beer almost like perfect.
Nürnberger Castle
It is a nice walk uphill to the Castle or Nürnberger Burg, which are actually a group of medieval buildings. They really dominate on a historical city.
There are amazing views all over the Nürnberg itself.