2nd day Central & East Mallorca

Beautiful little village called Montuïri with narrow empty streets.
Really peaceful.
The two of us.
Discovering. Having fun together.
Passing through the Church on the main square.
You can get some fresh vegetable and fruits there.
This village is amazing, because we were the only tourists.
Church from the other side.
Different perspective of us.
Catching the right moment.

Perfect car Fiat Panda for the narrow streets of Palma. Small, but fast enough.
Thank you “Ricky’s” for amazing conditions.

Short walk through Manacor.
We didn’t discover the city properly.
You can go on a tour through the caves and listen to classical music.
We went for a walk around to the beach and decided not to go inside.
Peaceful beach
Just stretching our legs a little bit.
Puig de Sant Salvador is a hill, which is 509 meters above the sea level.
There are amazing views all over Mallorca.
On a top is a monastery, which was founded in 1342 and a monumental.
Beautiful street of Manacor.