3rd day Cap de Formentor

Small village of Búger. Our first pitstop.
Cafe con leche or capuccino. There is a big price difference.
Port d’Alcudia. It must be very crowdy in the high season, but it is really sleepy in this time of a year.
The old town of Alcudia. Gate of the city walls.
Seaside. Boats kind of calm you down.
The old town is surrounded by a medieval wall.
We walked through the city center and take some time for a coffee.
Driving from Alcudia to Port de Pollenca.
We just passed through Port de Pollenca, direction: Formentor.
After very winding road, we arrived to the Formentor.
Where the end of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range meets the Mediterranean.
Breath taking views.
Because Špela loves Lighthouses it wasn’t even a question to visit or not to visit Far de Formentor. Even if it takes you another half an hour (or more) of a drive there.
Arriving to Far de Formentor.
Amazing terrace view. You just can’t stop being impressed by the nature of Mallorca.
Friendly goats weren’t afraid of our company. And that Lighthouse!
Love it.
Heading back from unforgettable Formentor with a view on Port de Pollenca.